Roman Shustov The well-known Italian doll artist Laura Scatolini said this about her amazing work: “That I am today a doll artist is thanks to the Walt Disney company of Orlando in the state of Florida, which was first to believe in me and encourage me to create unique works in Cernit.
I began working in Cernit in 1993 and it was in 1994 that I first participated in the famous Teddy Bear and Doll convention in Disney World. I have taken part in that exhibition ten ties.
In the USA I have exhibited my works in Orlando, New York (Plaza Hotel) and Chicago (Four Seasons Hotel). Collectors of my works in the USA include various actors, including Demi Moore, Ray Liotta and Ron Howard, and Celine Dion bought a doll as a wedding present for Barbra Streisand.
In several years I have been awarded DOLLS MAGAZINE’S ‘DOLLS AWARD’. But for me the most award was the COLLECTOR’S CHOICE AWARD from Walt Disney in 1999.”