The things that surround us every day are so different.
Some can grab our attention, others leave us indifferent. Sometimes something intangible generates warm, tender feelings and gives special inspiration to romantic moments.
The artist Inara Liepa creates just such a mood with her work in her studio ‘Elements of Design’. These works are unique and bring joy to all who appreciate the hand-made individuality of each work.
Inara Liepa is an artist-designer, a member of the Latvian Union of Designers. She has been fascinated by dolls since childhood and has been dedicated to them all her cognizant life and the creation of interior dolls became her vocation.
In her studio there are artistic dolls, sculpted doll lamps, collector teddy bears, lavender-scented hares and various interior design items for the creative and romantic...
Designer and antique doll collector Inara Liepa is director of the Riga Museum of Doll Art. The museum is a real family affair: not only husband Uldis, but also daughter Santa, have plunged into the fascinating process of collecting and studying the domain.
The gift and souvenir kits ‘The Legacy of Childhood’ and ‘Stories of Old Riga’ inspired by the antique dolls, toys and household items that form the artist Inara Liepa’s impressive private collection in the Riga Museum of Doll Art.