Parviz Huseynov and Irina GundorinaGraduated from the Nikolai Semenovich Samokish Crimean Art College.
Kharkov Art-Industrial Institute.
Artist in monumental decorative art.
Member of the Ukraine National Union of Artists.
Principal directions of work:
vytynanka, textile art, beadwork, art dolls.
Participant in art doll exhibitions from 1992.
Participant in author's art doll exhibitions since 2010.
1st place grand silver medal for best work in the 7th International Exhibition of Textile Art, ‘Skifia 7’, Kherson, Ukraine. 2008,
2nd place in ‘Tapestry’, at the ‘Beadwork Festival – 2009’ International Exhibition-Competition, Moscow, Russia, 2009,
‘Doll Master’ magazine’s special prize at the 1st ‘Kiev Fairytale’ International Salon of art dolls, Kiev, Ukraine 2010,
1st place in ‘Traditions of our Ancestors’ and ‘Best in Show’ prize at the ‘Fashionable Doll’ International Salon, Kiev, Ukraine, 2011.
‘Doll Master’ magazine, Moscow, Russia
No 3(27) autumn 2010
No 3(31) autumn 2011
No 1(33) spring 2012
No 4(36) winter 2012
Collection ‘The Textile Doll. 30 Master Classes’ 2013, Moscow, Russia.