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Elmira Mikail Abbasly was born in the historical and architectural center of Baku, now and then better known as the “old city”.
After attending public school she continued her academic studies at the Geographical Faculty of the State University of Azerbaijan
Elmira entered the artistic world of doll creations in 1983 and is now considered as being the main founder of the professional and artistic creations of dolls and miniatures in Azerbaijan.
She was a member of former Union of Artists of USSR, and is today member of the Union of Artists in Azerbaijan and the Union of Professional Artists in Russia.
In 1989 Elmira Abbasly received the Bronze prize in the second International Biennale of Folklore Dolls in Krakow, Poland.
Elmira had her first private exhibition in Helsinki, Finland in 1987, followed up by a second in 2001 in the State Museum named after A. S. Pushkin in Moscow, Russia...
Members of the Artists' Union of Azerbaijan. Participants and winners in many international dolls' exhibitions in Russia, Belarus and Europe, including diplomas at “Doll of the Year” 2009, and for the “Strengthening of Cultural Relations” 2009. From 2009-2012 they were special correspondents for the Moscow magazine “Doll Master”. Authors of the project “Baku Wind”. Curators of the 1st Baku International Dolls Biennale, “Fusion Dolls”. Members of international uries 2010 and 2012 in Russia and 2013 in Ukraine.
Gurbanova Tamilla Arif qizi.
1976-80. Graduated from the Azim Azimzade State Art College, with a diploma in sculpture.
1981-86. Graduated from the Azerbaijan State Culture and Art Institute, with a diploma as Artist-Designer.
She has been making artistic dolls since 1993.
Member of the Decorative Applied Arts Section of Azerbaijan since 2005. Works in polymer modelling and textile sculpture. Representative of the academic school, working in classical style and in a synthesis of small-scale dolls and sculpture.
She has participated in many exhibitions. Tamilla Gurbanova’s portraits are held by the Azerbaijan State Theatre Museum, the Azerbaijan State Customs Museum, the Heydar Aliyev Foundation and private collections in Europe and America.
Member of the International Doll Makers Association (IDMA) from 2006. Master of the art of the doll. Founder of the Museum of Dolls in Saint-Petersburg. Laureate and nominee of many international exhibitions. His works are in private collections in Russia, Italy, France, Holland, Norway, America, Germany, Austria, Finland, Sweden and other countries.
Member of the Artists' Union of Russia. Grand-Prix SPB Carnival Parade Grand-Prix «For Original Set Design» in the 14th Festival of Children's Musical Theatres in SPB Grand-Prix SPB Carnival Parade (City Day) Prize in the category "Idea" In 2009 – Principal set design artist for the Palace Square, on SPB City Day Diploma "For Contribution to Local Culture" etc. His works are in private and museum collections in Russia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, the USA, Spain, Germany, France, Austria, Finland, the Arab Emirates and other countries.
Participant and nominee in the exhibitions “The Character of Death in Art”, “Monsters and Mythological Beings”, “The Slipper in Art” (M. Shemyakin Foundation, Saint-Petersburg), “Dolls\' Time” (Saint-Petersburg), the International Dolls\' Salon (Moscow) and “The Art of the Doll” (Moscow). Her works are in private collections in Russia, Spain, the USA and Germany.
Member of the Artists' Union of Ukraine. Winner of the National Graphics Triennale. 3rd Prize winner at the Zaretsky competition and recipient of the silver diploma in the “Shrift” competition.
Member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine. “2nd Prize winner of the “III All-Ukraine Graphics Triennale”. VI Kiev Poster Biennale: Biennale Grand-Prix and 1st Prize for Best Printed Poster.
Member of the CUAR (Creative Union of Artists of Russia). A participant in the International Salon of the Doll Artiste (Sèvres, France), the International Dolls Exhibition in Ahoy Rotterdam (Rotterdam, Holland), The MARS Gallery (Moscow, Russia) and the Doll Collection (Moscow). Winner at the DOLLART competition in the ‘Vision’ category, awarded a CUAR diploma ‘for her contribution to national culture’. Her works are in private collections in Russia, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, France and Canada.
Frequent participant in the exhibitions ‘Doll Art’ (Moscow), ‘Fashion Doll’ (Kiev), ‘Your Majesty Doll’ (Kharkov). Published in the ‘Doll Master’ magazine. A banner carrying an image of the doll ‘Caribbean Rose’ was displayed at the international ‘Fashion Doll’ exhibition in Kiev.
Member of the Creative Union of Russian Artists. Winner of 9 DOLLART competitions. (Diamond Apple). Bronze medallist for her contribution to her native culture. Laureate of the international exhibition of dolls in the Vakhtanov Gallery, in the "Влет"category, 2007.
The well-known Italian doll artist Laura Scatolini said this about her amazing work: “That I am today a doll artist is thanks to the Walt Disney company of Orlando in the state of Florida, which was first to believe in me and encourage me to create unique works in Cernit.
I began working in Cernit in 1993 and it was in 1994 that I first participated in the famous Teddy Bear and Doll convention in Disney World. I have taken part in that exhibition ten times.
She has participated in international doll exhibitions in the USA since 2006, including at the Hellman Gallery, Magnum Opus, IDEX (Orlando), Best Friend Collectables and Dollery. She also takes part in international exhibitions in other countries – Doll Art, Dolls Salon (Moscow, Russia) among others. In 2007 she was nominated in the category ‘Perfection’ by the magazine Dolls (USA), and in 2010 she received a Colliii Award (Germany).
A graduate from the History of the Arts faculty of the Munich Art Academy. She has worked as a costume artist and decorator in theatre, cinema and television. She uses ceramics and antique and vintage fabrics.
Participant in many international exhibitions. Prizewinner at “Our Childhood Fairytale” and “Anti-stress Doll”. Her works are in private collections in Europe and Russia.