The Dolls’ Space gallery, led by Svetlana Pchelnikova, has published the first volume of a book dedicated to male artists.
The list of names dealt with in the book is both long and varied: Boris Ivanov and his wooden people, Pyotr Tishkov and his magnificent Microdiva, Roman Shustrov, Julien Martinez (Bordeaux, France) and other not-so-famous names, exclusive works, multi-edition dolls (eg. the famous Sybarites).
The book also contains works by Azerbaijani dollmaker Parviz Huseynov
The book is beautifully designed and its 300 pages constitute a true celebration of the doll art.
We present here for you the book cover, Svetlana Pchelnikova’s foreword and the pages showing Parviz Huseynov’s work.