Within the decorative arts, part of the world’s cultural heritage, dolls have every right today to loudly proclaim themselves works of art in their own right. This unique art form is at least 25,000 years old. Having been reborn and developed from cult, toy and theatrical dolls, they have become art dolls and stand worthily among the other arts. The creations of famous masters can be found not only in private collections, including those of presidents and kings, but also as exhibits in the world’s best museums.
The Doll Art Gallery, opened in the capital of Azerbaijan, is the first specialized gallery in the south Caucasus. Its establishment is a pledge of further development of the doll art in our country. The main task of this first Doll Art Gallery is to familiarize Azerbaijani and foreign patrons with the latest processes in the art.
The exhibition in the Doll Art Gallery will see Azerbaijan represented by the works of doll makers Elmira Abbasly, Parviz Huseynov and Irina Gundorina. These artists are recognized at home and abroad as the creators of deep and complex thematic compositions.
Foreign schools of the art of the doll (Russia, Ukraine, Italy, France) are present in the collection of Baku’s Doll Art Gallery in works in different genre by artists including Yelena Mikhailova (interior doll), Lada Repina (doll as art object), Irina Deyneko (fashion doll), Roman Shustov (sculpture doll), Viktoriya Kukalo (steampunk), Anna Fadeyeva (character/ folk doll), Nadine Leepinlausky (classical doll), Tatiana Lisevich (teddy bears), Kateryna Veshtak-Andreone (classical doll) and Irina Veshtak-Ostromenskaya (sculpture doll). The famous Russian artist, specialst in mechanical art, Viktor Grigoryev, was invited to Baku to make the entrance sign to Doll Art Gallery.
The comfortable gallery hall, with its wonderful exposition, may well become a favorite haunt for Bakuvians and the city guests.